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14 January 2008 @ 09:56 pm
this is an oldie; kinda corny, yeah?  
To Ell

Growing older
Getting stronger
But you gave up on me
Tripping on youth
Eyes wide as we slowly slide
Tripping over the obstacles
The rose and receded like breathing

And the scars on your arms
Building that collection of silent screams
But like drops of blood you fell
Though even wounds could not truly tell
Your hell
Wrapping yourself in sheets
Of fatigue
And lamenting in tears
You only reared in privacy
(Those smoke rings you blow
Look like signals for help
Burn your soul with the lighter
As you lose control
Vanishing farther, oh still farther
Inside yourself)

Trading in your life
Walking in cities as cold
As you've become
Trading in your life
I couldn't save you if I tried
But God, you know I tried
'Cause long ago you did decide
That you're trading in your life