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15 April 2008 @ 01:34 pm
an oldie i just found tucked away  

When Written:   a year and a half ago
Status of Mind:  peaking on ecstasy

most lines are long and annoying
and inspire visions of yourself 
grabbing the nearest blunt object
and massacring the closest
line loiterers out of 
pure, concentrated rage
(impatience catalyzed to the 
strongest delirium of focus)

most lines are long and annoying
but I didn't wait long
and I didn't even get mad--
so straightforwardly short that 
I didn't even notice the journey
until an unexpected prod
announced my arrival,
like tesseracting 
from Point A to Point B

I didn't even feel the journey--
t'was but an inadvertant flee--
and lucky me
lucky worthless me--
pained and lethargic and indifferent
(to breathe is not to be)--

all of sudden
I meet the lines end in a grin
and I didn't even feel my feet
until the red rope unhooked 
and invited me in