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16 January 2008 @ 11:11 pm
To "The Mothership"  
I'm here to be your one and only
I'm here to be your trust fund baby

I never meant to hurt you
Things just never seem to go my way
I think you can relate
We're obviously genetically acquainted

We painted the walls red
Just, in a time warp
You wore torn bell-bottoms long ago
And I'm still rockin' them 30 years later

Oh our favorite past times
They come and go
Like sunsets and your childhood
To which you never got to say goodbye

Like our fathers
At the back gate with suitcases packed
You never sanctioned the motion
To say goodbye

I'm here to be your one and only
I'm here to be your trust fund baby
I'm here to be the prime breadwinner
You always wanted me to be

You called me out at the POV
As I was more than threatening to leave
"What if, what if
I say no to recovery?"
You said "then you'll just have more to
Be sorry for"

So I stayed
But I've still got a lot to be sorry for

I'm here to allow you love to me
For more than just our said kinship
I'm here to be your one and only
Pride shining from ear to ear

And I've still got a lot be sorry for
Please forgive me for diggin' in your wallet
Please forgive me for diggin' out some skeletons
In your closet
It's none of my business anyway
Please forgive me for my great propensity
To leave you in agony and fear
The depths of my deception; they haunted us for years

Please forgive me for your clean socks
I always stole
And the jewelry I always palmed from you
Every daughter just wants be their mother
And marry their father too
(I think I took your locket 'cause it put me in your shoes)

Please forgive me for the wrinkles
Around your eyes
I'm sure I must have caused some
On my latest nights
You'd always sit and wait and fret
A rarity was: my regret
'Til now
'Til now
I love you

I'm here to be your doting daughter
I'm here to stroke your bed-head hair
I don't care about any trust fund money
I'm just here to be your baby
The way I should've always been
(I love you)
you flubbed the punch line!ohmyaddictions on April 4th, 2008 04:42 pm (UTC)